Overstrand Parish Council

Diamond Jubilee Celebrations 2012

Clerk’s report to Parish Council at their meeting on 6th June:

We were overwhelmed by the interest shown, and the amount of people who attended. To give you a few facts and figures: when preparing for the big day, we thought that we might see 350 people if the weather was good. We estimate that actually over 1000 people were in the field at one time, and that approximately 250 came down to the car park for the National Beacon Lighting. Mary Haynes had 137 visitors to the Parish Hall. I haven’t all the figures yet, but to date local charities will benefit by over £1000. Our Souvenir Programmes went very well, as did the Jubilee Cup Cakes and the Mugs of Sweeties. I will have an itemised list of all the events ready for the July meeting. I haven’t yet heard from Mrs. Hastings, so I can’t tell you about her tea party. Unfortunately I couldn’t get down to the Methodist Hall during the afternoon, to see how it was going. (I couldn’t actually get out of the field, there were so many people.)

I have heard a comment that there was no publicity for the Parish Hall opening – I would just say that apart from posters around the village and at each end of the Londs, anyone who donated £1 and purchased one of the 300 Souvenir Programmes would have been aware of everything that was going on that afternoon and evening.

There are so many people I need to thank, but if I start listing them, and I miss someone out that would be dreadful, so I will just say that I have so far written to Michael Cox, Bill Wallace, Andy Farnell and Sarah Keen, who each had a team of people helping them, both on Sunday, Monday morning and Tuesday morning, and they will hopefully pass on the message to them. I will tomorrow write to all the stallholders, but time has got the better of me, today. I must of course mention my Councillors who have all played their part and supported me from start to finish. They make a great team – and I hardly had any temper tantrums during the whole process.

On behalf of the village, for this was after all a village event not a Council event, thank you so much to everyone concerned.