Overstrand Parish Council

Strand Club Report for October 2017


Our committee decorated the Pavilion in Halloween livery this afternoon, complete with beautiful table decorations made by Jackie, which will be raffled later. The room looked a picture and with the committee dressed in black and wearing cat’s ears we all took the occasion to heart!

We were delighted to welcome our own Miriam and Tony Ireland to entertain us today. They presented us with a musical quiz which took the form of working our brains hard to recognise anything from the theme from “Z Cars” to show songs. Miriam’s beautiful, soaring voice took us back to our favourites from years ago and we were asked to not only name the musical but also the lead stars. Often difficult but enormous fun. Tony’s keyboard playing gave us all sorts of puzzling but very recognisable pieces of music – is that from “All Creatures Great and Small” or “Match of the Day”? One of our clever members usually had the right answer. Tony gave us all sorts of interesting snippets too – did we know, for instance that Annette Mills who talked to Muffin the Mule in our childhood, was actually John Mills’ sister?

It was all wonderful – relaxing, challenging and very pleasant in equal measure.

We then enjoyed a lovely cream tea with scones supplied by Dudleys in Cromer which were excellent, though enormous. This ensured that many happy members took some home to enjoy again later on! Josie’s homemade jam was very tasty and together with the clotted cream made a very pleasing tea.

Two new members joined our happy throng. Joan and June, we wish you fun and interest in the months ahead, along with good fellowship. You are most welcome.

Should anyone else out there like to visit us and give us a try, please do come along to our next meeting in the Sports Pavilion which will be held on 8th November. Eddie Anderson will join us to talk about his task in reclaiming the River Mun on his land at Templewood and the wildlife which now lives there. Our usual start time of 2 pm applies, with an entry fee of just £2 for non-members to cover light refreshments. Raffle tickets will be available separately.

For further information please contact Jackie Hudson – Chairman – 01263 720866 or Chris Wood – Secretary – 01263 579433