Overstrand Parish Council

Strand Club Report for February 2018

THE STRAND CLUB – 14th February 2018

Although the weather was cold and dreary, we had a very happy and interesting afternoon. Georgette Vale, acting as Harriet Martineau, entertained and informed us about her life in the early 1800s. Georgette was completely in character the entire time she was wearing Harriet’s costume and seemed to become the little deaf lady from Norwich with the big ideas. She was ahead of her time in her beliefs. Through her job in journalism she tried to make a difference. She was against slavery and for women’s suffrage. By writing her views almost as short stories, they were understood by everyone who read them. She thought that less authoritarianism and more rationalism in education would improve children’s ability to learn. She was very ahead of her time and although well known in her lifetime has become lost in the mists of history.

After Harriet’s talk, enjoyed by all members, we were treated to the remains of Josie’s Christmas cake with our tea.

Our next meeting will be on 14th March and will be our AGM. Once the business side of things has been quickly and efficiently whipped through, we will enjoy a quiz, devised by Jackie, to keep our brains ticking over.

In April a speaker from Seal and Shore Watch will be with us. We will learn about their work and how we can help. They always require newspapers, old bedlinen, towels, flannels and tea towels to help keep the rescued seals comfortable, so now is the time to go through your cupboards and see what you can find. Bring it all along on 11th April and donate it to this very worthy cause.

We meet in the Sports Pavilion in Overstrand on the second Wednesday of every month except August and are always delighted to welcome visitors. We begin at 2 pm and charge just £2 as an entrance fee which will include light refreshments. Raffle tickets are available separately throughout each afternoon. Our programme is varied, so please come along and see if you like us. For more information please contact our Chairman, Jackie Hudson, on 01263 720866 or our Secretary, Chris Wood, on 01263 579433.