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Strand Club Report for December 2018


12th December 2018

Today was our Christmas party including a buffet lunch and entertainment by an Elvis impersonator who had unfortunately double-booked himself and so was unable to come.

Jackie had been her usual efficient self and had organised several fun things to take his place. First there was a short quiz with cryptic clues as to what we might eat at Christmas – harder than one might think! The clue for dates was appointments which wasn’t too difficult but when asked for the opposite of a French stick a lot of us thought long and hard without coming up with an answer – which was, apparently, shortbread!. We then sat in a circle, each with a small gift, and Jackie read out a story. Every time she said “right” we passed the presents to the right until she either said “right” again (when we’d continue in the same direction) or “left” when we would change. Some of us were spending too much time laughing to follow the story and some of us were busy complaining of aching arms! It went at quite a pace. Once the story was over we could unwrap the presents we were left with, which was funny as some of us had two or three and some had none! After a period of socialising Jackie then read out a different version of the 12 days of Christmas, which made us laugh, followed by a list of unknown facts about the festive season, which made us think. Later she read out a series of children’s quotes about love; for instance, “Love is when Mummy gives Daddy the best bits of turkey”, but one of the most heartrending was from a 4 year old who saw his neighbour sitting in his garden crying after his wife had died. The little boy went next door and sat on his knee and when he came home his mother asked him what he had said to the man. His reply? “Nothing. I was just helping him cry”.

It was then time to attack the amazing buffet provided by our members. It was a beautiful spread and we thank everyone for their donations. Some members donated raffle prizes instead of food and the lovely table decoration made by Jackie was also raffled.

It was a marvellous party – many people said so – and a fantastic end to a very good year. Chris thanked Jackie for being such an outstanding chairman and she was given loud applause and a voucher to spend.

Our next meeting will be our New Year lunch at the Amber Restaurant in Cromer Country Club which we are all looking forward to. The next meeting where we can welcome visitors is on 13th February at the Sports Pavilion. As always it will begin at 2 pm and cost £2 entrance to include light refreshments. It will consist of a talk by a representative of Co-op Estate Planning, advising us about wills, power of attorney and much more besides. All are welcome so please come along and see if you like us!

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