Overstrand Parish Council

Strand Club Report for January 2019

On a dreary January day 29 members and friends met at the Amber Restaurant at Cromer Country Club for our New Year lunch. We have chosen this restaurant for several years now as the standard has always been high. This year did not disappoint. The service was very slick with our main courses coming out quickly, closely followed by large dishes of hot vegetables. Whatever we had chosen we were delighted with the resulting dish. They were all tasty, hot and beautifully cooked. Our empty plates were soon removed and the desserts followed swiftly. The room fell silent as we munched our way through such delights as warm waffles with toffee sauce, luscious lemon pie or a medley of marvellous ice cream flavours.

The raffle table looked tempting with its variety of prizes so once our plates were again empty it was ‘heads down, look in’ as Jackie worked her way through the tickets and people went up to choose their booty. We were delighted that many of our visitors won prizes – perhaps they’ll be back?!

Our next meeting will be on the 13th February when Charissa Malpass from Co-op Estate Planning will give a talk entitled “Tax, Care and Toy Boys”. This will cover subjects like lasting power of attorney, inheritance tax, protecting your family’s inheritance after re-marriage and similar topics. This should be an interesting afternoon and all are welcome. For the princely sum of £2 you will gain entry and be entitled to tea and light refreshments at the end of the talk. Please come and see if you like us! We meet at 2 pm in the Sports Pavilion in Overstrand. We hope to see you there. For further information about the club please phone either Jackie, our Chairman, on 720866 or Chris, our Secretary, on 579433.