Overstrand Parish Council

Strand Club Report for February 2019


On a beautiful springlike day we welcomed Jackie Reeve from Co-op Estate Planning who gave a most interesting talk on safeguarding our assets after our death. She made many recommendations and gave a lot of helpful advice in an easily understood way. She suggested, for instance, that when making your will, if you wish to leave something to a charity it is best to quote a percentage rather than an actual figure. This is because, should circumstances change after you’ve made the will and you have to go into care, for instance, a named sum may be a large proportion of the remainder which would mean your children would get very little.

Another good point was that if you should remarry it is important to remake your will, naming any children from the first marriage as beneficiaries, otherwise they would be ignored in favour of the surviving spouse and if he/she should make a will naming their own children from a previous marriage, yours would miss out altogether upon his/her death. It is a minefield and should be carefully thought about. Using a recognised solicitor who will know all the potential pitfalls is vital.

Jackie also recommended a pre-paid funeral plan but as with a solicitor, care must be taken to choose one which safeguards the money you have lodged with them. Reputable funeral plan companies will have insurance which will cover the money should the firm get into difficulties. A prepaid funeral not only removes a lot of the anxiety and worry from the surviving relatives at a time of grief, but freezes the cost of the funeral.

Jackie was extremely informative and we are grateful for her visit and for the professional way she delivered her talk.

Our next meeting will be our AGM, when Miriam and Tony will once again entertain us with a musical quiz and we will deal with any business as quickly as possible!

On 10th April we will have a talk by Neil Storey entitled “Grim Tales and Dark Deeds”. This promises to be very entertaining and all are welcome.

We charge just £3 to visitors as entrance, which includes light refreshments. Please come along and see if you like us. Meetings commence at 2pm at the Sports Pavilion in Overstrand. For further information contact our chairman Jackie Hudson on 01263 720866 or our secretary Chris Wood on 01263 579433.