Overstrand Parish Council

Overstrand WI Report for March 2019

For our March meeting we were fortunate to have a local historian [ ex head teacher of the well renowned Belfry School, Overstrand] Tim Bennett, gave an illustrated talk about Gervase Phinn, author and schools inspector ,and now something of a showman.

As our speaker read well chosen extracts from some of Phinn’s books, an audience of sober W.I ladies was almost beside themselves in helpless laughter.

Gervase Phinn a Yorkshireman, took his inspiration from the settings and colourful characters who populated it. His book titles often mirrored the locations, such as “The other side of the dale”.

His text was wonderfully descriptive, immersing us in its humour. One example featured a young pupil who repeatedly said that a relative of his had “65 roses”. Uncomprehending initially, Mr Phinn realized what the lad was conveying, was in fact cystic fibrosis – rather less pleasant than aromatic flowers.

The following business seemed rather pale in comparison, but amongst other things ,an invitation for 4 of our members had been received from a lady soon to be holidaying locally, for afternoon tea and cakes – right up our street.

Possible activities for Norfolk Day July 27th , and a wellbeing meeting in August were discussed.