Overstrand Parish Council

Overstrand Evening W.I. April 2019 Report

The meeting was well attended and a warm welcome was given to two potential new members. That welcome was extended to Keri Lowe, textile  artist/ designer who was our speaker and demonstrator for the evening.

Keri described and showed us an assortment of her felt work, which was a revelation. We hope she will return for a workshop.

Federation news was then passed on to members. Four members attended the Federation annual meeting, a special centenary programme was given to all that attended. This was a very enjoyable day rounded off by writer, broadcaster and poet Pam Ayres.

It was decided to bake 100 cakes/rock cakes to be handed out at the  Overstrand Rock Stock Concert as part of our Federations centenary.

Two outings are being considered for the summer. One to Horning for the Mississippi boat trip. The other to Somerlayton Hall nr. Lowestoft.

On a more serious note, a petition  was signed by members protesting about the change to the bus stop in Overstrand Village High Street due to be moved to the main Cromer, Mundesley Road.

Watch this space.