Overstrand Parish Council

Overstrand Evening W.I September 2019 Report

Our speaker for the evening Helen Duncan, had Meditation as her subject. She spoke ahead of the business part of the proceedings and had an endearing, laid back approach to what might have been a “heavy” delivery.

It was a pity that attendance was thin as a result of members holidays .Absentees missed a thought provoking talk studded with useful, practical tips, many of which were linked to our own awareness of something we all do constantly, yet pay no heed to, our breathing!

It gave us plenty to think about whilst we had our refreshment break.

A mention of Christmas lunch, to be decided at the next meeting.

The sale table will probably become a more permanent feature giving members the chance of an item unwanted by somebody else.

Janet Ellis gave concise summaries of Rockstock and our own W.I website.

Our next meeting will be on October 17th. Our speaker will be Eddie Anderson. New members are welcome.