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North Norfolk Sustainable Communities Fund

From Sharon Garth, Health & Communities Support Officer…


The North Norfolk Sustainable Communities Fund (formerly known as the Big Society Fund) is provided by North Norfolk District Council to help build strong sustainable communities in the district. It aims to help communities to develop new and innovative projects which will improve their environmental, social and economic wellbeing.

The fund is open to applications throughout the year, although to ensure your application is eligible to go through for consideration to the 3rd  December Grant Panel, only applications received by Monday, 2nd November which are fully completed, signed, and accompanied by all the requested supporting documentation will be accepted

Prior to completing an application please ring Sonia Shuter on 01263 516173 to discuss the potential application.

There are now 2 ways an application can be made to the fund; Applications for grants under £1,000 and Applications for grants between £1,000 and £15,000. Copies of The Application Forms, Guidance Notes on how to complete the form and the Independent Referee form can be downloaded from the North Norfolk District Council Website at https://www.north-norfolk.gov.uk/NNSCF

*Please Note – The forms need to be downloaded and saved prior to entering information and should not be converted to another format..

Completed applications including all supporting documentation are to be sent to supporting.communities@north-norfolk.gov.uk .

For information I have attached a copy of the New North Norfolk Sustainable Communities Fund Prospectus, please feel free to circulate them to your voluntary and community groups.


NN SCF Prospectus (June 20) Final (PDF File)