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Overstrand Village Playground  Covid-19 

From the Overstrand Millennium Group…

Overstrand Village Playground 


As many of you are aware the Overstrand children’s playground is  operated and maintained by The Overstrand Millennium Group with  financial help in recent years from Overstrand Together. 

We are now being asked why the children’s playground is not open now  that the Covid-19 lockdown has been released somewhat, especially as  other playgrounds are now open. 

The government guidance says that we should have signage to advise  parents and children about what is needed, as well as maintaining  cleaning of the high touch points on a regular basis. 

The signage is not expensive (£150 to £200 roughly). However regular  cleaning of high touch points is an issue. We have been advised by  North Norfolk District Council that they have a fogging machine to  disinfect the equipment they are responsible for. They also told us that  though they have put signage up it is a constant battle as it gets removed  (why would anyone do that!). 

Overstrand Millennium Group can certainly put up signs and we could buy  a fogging machine to disinfect but and it is a very big but. 

Overstrand Millennium Group is a charity with a number of responsible  Trustees and the Trustees are personally responsible in the event of  there being any come back resulting from issues with the playground.  This is very different to playgrounds operated by councils where  individuals are not at risk. 

The trustees have unanimously decided that we are not prepared to open  with that risk hanging over our heads. 

We hope that this explains our position and why the playground will  remain closed for now.