Overstrand Parish Council

Strand Club Report for September 2020

On 9th September the Strand Club met for the first time since the AGM in March.  We sat in the grounds of the sports pavilion in a wide circle.  Fortunately this fell just before the new government guidelines which stops more than 6 people meeting inside or out.

The weather smiled on us and we all brought a picnic to help the day along. It was a happy time when we were able to catch up, enjoy a laugh or two, and discuss our hopes for the December meeting.  We loved being out and about and tried to pretend everything was as it used to be.  

Josie expressed the gratitude of the club to Jackie and Chris and presented them each with a gift in appreciation.

We set up a sales table in the grounds and several passers-by took advantage of it, as did we.  This was in aid of the Norfolk Accident Rescue Service which is our chosen charity for this year.

Chris’ yard sale raised £344 for NARS and Jackie will be holding another for the same excellent cause this Saturday, 12th September.  Please come along and support us and the charity at 2 Cornish Avenue, Trunch, from 12 until 4.