Overstrand Parish Council

Overstrand Together – Raising Funds for our Village

Overstrand Together aims to raise money for Overstrand Village projects, village groups and charities. Established in March 2014 it plans to run 3 major events during the course of the year with a number of smaller fund-raisers including raffles and draws and events including the White Horse car wash.

Overstrand Together is intended to be an on-going project for the village and it is hoped that more people will become involved as the group develops and the main fund-raising projects become established as annual events.

The steering group meet on a regular basis and then report to an open meeting of villagers many of whom represent the various clubs and societies in the village. Villagers can, at the open meeting put forward ideas for events and with the help of the steering group these projects are then taken forward.

All the events undertaken by the group rely on volunteers and the support of the village. At the end of the first financial year village groups and societies will be able to apply for funding to support projects for the coming year.

There will be a reserve held in the account to allow the development of further fundraising events year on year.

The steering group is composed of Roger Kimp Chairman, Di Rolph Secretary, John Laidlow Treasurer, Bruce Stratton Marketing and PR.

Anyone wishing to offer their support to events and projects should contact the secretary by email drolph@uwclub.net

Forthcoming 2019 Events

Overstrand Together Programme 2019

Dog Show Poster

Car Wash Poster

Car Wash Poster (PDF File)

Yard Sale Poster

Yard Sale Poster (PDF File)

Classic and Vintage Car Entry Form

Classic Car Entry Form (PDF file)