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Fly Tipping of Garden Waste

From Environmental Protection – North Norfolk District Council

Fly Tipping of Garden Waste

Fly tipping of waste is a growing problem; we are working hard to reduce the illegal dumping of waste in North Norfolk.

Fly-tipping is defined as the ‘illegal deposit of any waste onto land that does not have a licence to accept it’. Various types of waste is fly tipped, including; general household waste; white goods (fridges, freezers and washing machines); construction rubbish (demolition and home improvement rubbish); and garden waste.

Instances of fly tipping of garden waste are on the increase, with more reports being received both on highway verges and on private land. We need to make you aware that although garden waste is biodegradable, it is still classed as waste, and it is still an offence to illegally deposit it under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 Section 33.

Garden waste can mean any waste coming from your garden such as grass cuttings, tree branches, etc.

There are a variety of ways to dispose of garden waste legally:

  • You can take it to any of Norfolk’s Recycling Centres where it will be taken away for composting. For more information on Recycling Centre locations please visit:


  • You can compost your garden waste on your own land. Home composting provides an excellent opportunity to use your garden waste in a resourceful manner and put nutrients straight back into your garden.

We recognise many people are disposing of their garden waste properly and legally and therefore thank you for your consideration and co-operation.

If you are a landowner, and you are having waste fly tipped on your land without your permission, please report this to us. We may be able to assist you with identifying the offenders using CCTV cameras or provide signage to help deter offenders.

For further information on your domestic duty of care please go to: https://www.north-norfolk.gov.uk/media/1526/a5-domestic-waste-duty-of-care.pdf.

If you should see any incidents of fly tipping or witness the offence occurring please do not hesitate to contact the Environmental Protection Team at ep@north-norfolk.gov.uk.

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Poppy Collection 2017

From Martin Dennis…

Overstrand residents donated £1,198.64 towards the annual British Legion collection.
John Worthington would like to thank all who gave so generously.


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Remembrance Service 2017

49 people braved the wind and rain to attend the Remembrance Service at St Martins Church, Overstrand, on Sunday, 12th November, 2017.

The moving service conducted by Tim Bennett, included photographs displayed on a screen of Overstrand men who died during the Great War.

Wreaths were laid at the War Memorial by representatives of the following; Overstrand Parish Council, Overstrand Methodist Church, Overstrand Evening WI, St Martins Church, The Strand Club and the Kingswood Centre.

A collection was raised for the British Legion which raised £97.21.

(Photos courtesy of Martin Dennis)

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Strand Club Report for November 2017


8th November 2017

Our meeting this month included a excellent talk by Eddie Anderson of Templewood in Northrepps. He inherited the house and land from his stepfather, one of the Paget dynasty. Over the years the lake had become clogged with algae until three years ago when the algae had reached a depth of 3 ft, taking all the oxygen necessary for life from the water. No fish, no frogs, no dragon- or damselflies and therefore no predatory birds. The river Mun runs as a narrow stream through Eddie’s land and this had also become clogged and poisoned by the effluent from the nearby sewage works which flowed directly into it. As knowledge and concern for the wildlife grew things were taken in hand and three new lakes were dug to draw the polluted water from the river, by-passing it and naturally filtering it until it could be directed back into the river again.

Whilst digging out these new lakes, Eddie told us that archaeologists discovered a wooden walkway, buried and preserved in the upper surface of peat. Shards of Roman pottery were also found, plus evidence of a early bog or lake. The River Trust came every month to test the river water and found that after only 9 months the harmful phosphates had been reduced by 90%. Anglian Water are now using this natural method of clearing pollutants elsewhere in the county. In the newly cleared main lake Eddie now sees 26 species of dragonflies or damselflies. The first creature to appear was an otter as there was now food there for him to find. There is a visiting hobby who flies in to catch the dragonflies and a pair of swans return every year to breed.

Eddie talked about the history of the area too and how wealthy people came and bought copious amounts of land during 1860 – 1900s. The Hawe family bought large pieces of Sidestrand, Cromer, Northrepps and Southrepps and built Templewood as well as other imposing houses.

He told us how you define a river, however tiny. It runs independently from its source to the sea, unlike a tributary. Early setttlements tended to be made close to water so that the fresh water and the fish living in it could be used to sustain life. They continued through the centuries so that millponds could be built to produce flour and make bread.

Eddie kept us spellbound with his presentation, showing us before and after photographs of the area. It was all done with a light touch, humour and an obvious love of his home. It was such a varied and fascinating insight into so many aspects of land management and conservation. Our members thoroughly enjoyed the experience and we hope that perhaps Eddie could return at some future date and talk about another of his interests.

Visitors are always welcome at our meetings. We charge just £2 at the door to cover light refreshments. Further information may be obtained from either Jackie Hudson, Chairman, on 01263 720866 or Chris Wood on 01263 579433. Please come and see what you think of us!

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Joan Mapperley 1936 – 2017

Joan was Clerk to Overstrand Parish Council for many years. It is a position
that requires a wide-range of skills, which she had in abundance. She loved
her work and was good at it because she had a gift, not given to everyone –
the gift of empathy, which enabled people to trust her with their problems,
knowing they would be dealt with in confidence. She was a people person in
every sense of that phrase.

Joan also loved Overstrand and worked with dedication to serve the village
and everyone fortunate enough to live here. One can recall so many
examples of her hard work, diligence and initiative. Things that might seem
rather minor or mundane like a broken footway lamp or an overflowing litter
bin, week in, week out, she made sure these things were attended to.

Her duties were very various. As Council’s financial officer, she was
responsible for all the monies of the Parish Council and the accounts were
kept impeccably. She advised the councillors on procedure, wrote letters and
minutes with admirable clarity and routine efficiency. She put her talent for
writing to persuasive use in several lottery grant applications she wrote for
village projects, each of which were successful, such as the one for Tim
Bennett’s book on Overstrand men during the 1914-18 war. She also
organised celebrations, on behalf of the Parish Council including the annual
fireworks display and the was the steer behind the Queen’s Jubilee festivities
in 2010 and 2012.

All these things, large and small, Joan did for the village. One event, though,
revealed Joan’s capacities and dedication, in particular. In 2003, central
government produced a draft of the Shoreline Management Plan, which came
as a bombshell. Joan realised immediately that if it should ever pass into
legislation, Overstrand would most probably be lost to coastal erosion. She
alerted the council and was instrumental in setting up a working party of
councillors and residents, which worked round the clock to produce a report
refuting the proposals. It was a remarkable document, which revealed the
flaws in the plan on both scientific and economic grounds. It did a great deal
to undermine the government’s case. Joan typically tried her best to avoid the
accolades, which were her due. Surely if anything needs organising in
heaven, Joan will be called upon.

Mary Haynes and Eric Vickers – Former Chairmen Overstrand Parish Council

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Police Newsletter for November 2017

Please find below Newsletter for the Erpingham, Roughton and Poppyland ward cluster; covering the parishes of Alby with Thwaite, Aldborough & Thurgarton, Colby, Erpingham, Felbrigg, Hanworth, Ingworth, Northrepps, Overstrand, Roughton, Sidestrand, Southrepps, Thorpe Market, Trimingham and Wickmere.  In this newsletter you will find the monthly crime figures for the above parishes, upcoming events and the current Neighbourhood Priorities.

Cluster 9 Parish Newsletter (PDF File)


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