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Overstrand Village sign Pebbles

Our Heritage

The Telephone Box in Harbord Road

The first box in the village, (telephone number 200) it is now owned and cared for by the Parish Council, purchased for £1 in 2011.

An anchor in OverstrandAnchor

Before the arrival of the Railway and the building of two coal wharfs at Overstrand Station, coal and slate was transported from the north of England to Overstrand by sea. It is one of two anchors that were left on the beach from those days. It is a Kedge anchor, measuring 10ft long and 5ft wide, used to secure sailing vessels whilst their cargo was brought ashore.

In 1968 Overstrand Parish Council engaged a local contractor who was working on the sea defences to bring the anchor from the beach. The anchor was fitted with a stock and located in its present position at the top of the cliff. The remaining anchor was left on the West beach, just beyond the rocks, and was visible at low tide until a few years ago, but has since become buried in the sand.

Old Road Sign at OverstrandRoad Sign

The old Grade II Listed Road Sign situated at the South end of Coast Road, was erected to limit the weight of vehicles using the road. In early 1930 a new road, bypassing the village was built, due to the Coast Road becoming unstable. The Coast Road was closed to through traffic in l937.

A cliff fall severed the road around 1968, followed by a massive fall in 1994. Today a track links Ivy Farm and the High Street to the other side of the slip but it is not a recognised footpath and should be used with caution.