Overstrand Parish Council

About the council

Overstrand Parish Council has eleven Councillors, elected every four years for a four year term. The next election is in May 2019. The Council employs a clerk who is responsible for the everyday running of the Council and for implementing the decisions made at the monthly meetings, which are open to the public, The meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month, an agenda for which is published during the previous week. Minutes are taken by the Clerk and are in draft form until the following meeting when they are approved, then published and posted on the notice boards.
The open session during Council meetings does not form part of the meeting, but is an opportunity for residents to express their views on any subject on the Agenda.

A Parish Council is the first level of government but must still run its business under quite strict rules, known as Standing Orders, and its members still follow a Code of Conduct as used by other levels of Government.

The Council Precept is the money provided by District Council each year, from the General Rates paid by the residents. The Precept has to cover all areas of the Council’s responsibilities, the main items being:-.

In addition the Precept must cover office administration, insurance, repairs, renewals and the Clerk’s salary. A reserve fund is maintained to cover any unexpected.contingencies.

The Parish Council’s biggest asset is the Parish Hall, its contents and outbuildings, which generate a small income for the Parish Council in the form of hall rents, and whilst contributing towards the running costs, does not completely cover the expenses incurred at the Parish Hall.

The Council is also responsible for the area to the south of Cromer Road known as “Allotment Gardens”. Fifty-two allotment plots are tenanted principally by Overstrand residents.

Planning – whilst planning decisions are made at District Council level, the Parish Council is given the opportunity to consider and comment on all Applications.

Residents may seek the help of the Parish Council to solve issues and overcome problems by contacting the Clerk. Where appropriate an item can be included on the Agenda for discussion (bearing in mind that the Agenda is set and published on the Thursday prior to each meeting).
All relevant information from County, District or Parish Councils that the public may wish to be made aware of, are posted on the three Parish notice boards There is also space for local clubs and other organisations to post notices of events and meetings, again by contacting the Clerk.

This is just a brief insight into the duties of a Parish Council and if you would like to find out more, please come to a Council meeting. Alternatively, the Parish Office is open from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm most weekdays.

It should also be noted that this website is available for Clubs, Societies and individual residents to publicise any events or activities

June White – Clerk to the Council
15 Pauls Lane
Overstrand, NR27 0PF
01263 576 766
Email – clerk@overstrandparishcouncil.org.uk

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Parish Hall


For information on renting plots at Allotment Gardens, please contact the Clerk.

Village Flag

The Village flag or the St. George flag can be flown from the flagpole on the cliff top car park for any occasion for just £5 per day. For availability and bookings please contact the Clerk.