Overstrand Parish Council

New Book


A couple of weeks ago I met with Professor Anthony Lentin (who likes to be called Tony) at Sea Marge Hotel, where he was being interviewed by the local press about his book pictured above which has just been published. He had emailed me only a few days before, requesting a meeting, and asking whether it would be possible for him to contact any residents who have lived in the village all their lives and who could have knowledge of Sir Edgar Speyer and his time in Overstrand. I hurriedly contacted Derek Paul and Peter Stibbons who agreed to meet the Professor, along with Mrs.Haynes who I felt could represent the Parish Council. (All organised in a bit of a rush, in Carnival week!)

I stayed briefly as I could not make any valuable contribution but Mary, Derek and Peter had a really enjoyable and interesting meeting and it transpired that Peter and the Professor have a connection, as Peter’s grandfather was the electrician responsible for Sea Marge during Sir Edgar’s time there.. Peter still has the ledger showing his grandfather’s work in the house – and there were certainly no entries regarding “flashing lights” (Village folklore??). I have since had an email from the Professor:-

“Thank you very much for coming over to Sea Marge yesterday. It was very nice to meet you and to have the chance to thank you in person for sorting everything out.

It was a great pleasure to meet Mr Stibbons, Mr Paul and Mrs Haynes. Peter, as you said, is a mine of information and I hope that some of this may be reflected in the EDP article, ……. I was fascinated by Mr Paul’s reminiscences…….Peter has asked me to speak in Cromer next spring so perhaps I may have the pleasure of renewing our acquaintance….” It looks as though the Professor may be returning – I will keep you posted.

Joan Mapperley – Parish Clerk